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Night view of Pisces, a distinguished fish and chips shop in Pinner, bathed in the glow of captivating blue LED lights. The modern lighting not only highlights the shop's welcoming facade but also casts a serene ambiance, inviting patrons into a world of traditional British fish and chips. The Pisces sign is illuminated, serving as a beacon for those seeking the best fish and chips experience in Pinner after dusk. This image captures the unique charm and modern appeal of Pisces, making it a standout destination in Pinner's culinary scene.

Welcome to Pisces – Your premier destination for the best fish and chips

Nestled on Eastcote High Street and beloved by the communities of Pinner, Ruislip, and beyond, Pisces has proudly offered what many call the best fish and chips since 1980. As a family-run gem, we combine tradition with a touch of modern flair to serve you memorable meals that keep you coming back for more. Conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from Eastcote Station on the Metropolitan and Piccadilly line, our restaurant is easily accessible for both local residents and visitors. Additionally, there's both on-street parking and nearby car parks (behind Tesco). 

The best fish and chips is at Pisces

Pisces offers the best fish and chips in Pinner but also a heartwarming dining experience, we make every meal a moment to remember. Each dish is prepared with passion using our signature batter and fried to perfection in premium oils, ensuring that every bite is a testament to traditional British cooking. At Pisces, we extend a warm welcome to all—whether you’re searching for “fish and chips near me” or craving a slice of British heritage, you’ll always feel more like a friend than just a customer.

Inside Pisces, the acclaimed fish and chips shop in Pinner, showcasing our state-of-the-art frying range where our famous fish and chips are masterfully cooked to perfection. In the background, a proud British flag hangs, symbolizing our commitment to traditional British cuisine and quality. The Pisces logo is prominently displayed, affirming the shop's reputation as a top destination in Pinner for authentic fish and chips. This inviting scene captures the essence of British culinary heritage and the local charm of Pisces.

Our Mission: 

Pisces has a storied tradition of serving the finest fish and chips across Ruislip, Pinner, and Eastcote, a tradition that dates back to when our doors first opened in 1980. Our commitment to excellence was recognised early on when we were acclaimed for our quality and dedication, setting a high standard for local dining. 

Our Values

Pisces is proudly committed to sustainable practices as recognised by The National Federation of Fish Friers and The British Potato Council. We understand our responsibility in preserving the environment and are dedicated to contributing positively to our community. At Pisces, we ensure that all our fish come from sustainable sources, supporting efforts to maintain healthy fish stocks for future generations. We carefully select our suppliers based on their ability to provide full traceability—from the trawlers to the fishing methods used—guaranteeing that only mature, responsibly caught fish make it to your plate. This is our pledge to you: not only to serve excellent food at fair prices but to do so in a way that respects our planet and values our guests.

Interior view of Pisces, the beloved fish and chips shop in Pinner, showcasing its warm and welcoming dine-in area alongside the efficient takeaway section. The photo captures the cozy seating arrangement, inviting customers to enjoy their meals in a comfortable setting, and the well-organised takeaway counter, ready to serve the best fish and chips in town. Decorative elements and the shop's branding are visible throughout, highlighting Pisces’s commitment to a memorable dining experience. This Pinner hotspot is a must-visit for both locals and visitors seeking authentic British cuisine.
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